Thijs Gerbrandy

Photographer Amsterdam, Netherlands

People have my attention. Portraits, close-ups, always looking for the eyes and what they do to me through the lens. Events help me understand how people interact, having a good time, forgetting the photographer. I am honest in my photography, not shy but active, establishing sharp images with attention for detail, composition and focus.

If interested to have an event covered, a festival, party, outdoors or in a club, don't hesitate to contact me. Personal photography such as portraits or other modeling work, I usually prefer outdoors, and am always keen on doing things I've never done before. Here's my details:



Jongens van de Wereld Rijksmuseum PLAK Museum Volkenkunde Klamme Handjes PLuk de Nacht El-Hizjra Vriende van Ferry Sticky Green Magneet Festival Babel Folia


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